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Q: Do I need to log-in and participate at a certain time?
A: No, you are not required to log-in at a particular time to complete your coursework. Discussions held are asynchronous, so you can contribute to the conversation at whatever time best suits you.


Q: How many hours a week can I expect to spend on coursework?
A: Students should expect to spend approximately 21 hours on coursework per


Q: Does all assigned coursework consist of individual assignments?
A: At Green Mountain College, we view team work as an important aid in learning. For this reason, some assignments will require team work to be completed virtually.


Q: Will my transcript show that I took my courses online?
A: No. Your transcript will not show that you earned your degree through distance education.


Q: Am I ever required to come to campus?
A: We have a 3-4 day on-campus residency each year. Students are very strongly encouraged to participate in this valuable experience but it is not required. These occur each school year in September at our Poultney, Vermont campus. The residencies are beneficial because of networking opportunities. Students are also encouraged to join us for commencement, which includes a special ceremony for graduate students.


Q: Am I allowed breaks from the program?
A: If the need arises, students may take a break from the program. We will work with such students to help them plan their break, as well as to plan their return to the program.


Q: How strong do my computer skills need to be?
A: Students should be familiar with Microsoft Office programs, as well as with the Internet, both of which will be used to complete research and coursework.


Q: Is tuition for an online program very expensive?
A: Tuition for our program, at $795 per credit hour, is very reasonably priced.


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