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Green Mountain College Sustainable MBA Program

Student Profiles

Current Students

Students enrolled in Green Mountain College’s Sustainable MBA program are enthusiastic about sustainability. Since this is a distance learning program, students come from a broad array of backgrounds and locations. Students are able to share their diverse opinions and experiences with one another.


Dalia Levy Raschal

Dalia Levy Raschal – Tel Aviv, Israel and London, England

Current Position: I am currently working as an independent consultant promoting international transactions between large Israeli investors and projects in Northern Europe and India. Over the last few years I have been involved in clean energy projects such as CDM projects in India, Wind Farms in Europe and marine construction clean technology in Israel.

In her own words: I trust that my academic studies will not only enrich and satisfy my current position, but will also eventually pave the way for a directorial career in public companies that have a strategic commitment to sustainability.

Most academic institutions that I looked into have the MBA in Sustainability designed in the classic manner: 75% core courses and 25% specialized sustainability courses. I did not think such a program would give me the depth that I was looking for. I was seeking 100% Sustainability! Green Mountain College’s MBA offers exactly that. All of the MBA core courses are taught with sustainability in mind and a focus on the triple bottom line. In addition, the fact that Green Mountain College is an accredited distance education program allows me to fit the studies into my busy schedule and allows me to continue to carry on my personal life at home in the Middle East and Europe.



Hava Binkley

Current position: Director – Real Estate and Environmental Law – Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

In her own words: I serve as in-house counsel in the legal department and manage real estate, property management, operations and maintenance issues for Winn-Dixie retail stores and industrial facilities.  I have an extensive background in environmental compliance including construction, fuel, transportation, storm water and waste management and handle these and other environmental issues for Winn-Dixie.  I serve on the regulatory compliance team and assist on food safety matters, including food donation.

I am currently working on many sustainable programs and policies for Winn-Dixie Stores, with a strong emphasis on waste diversion and recycling.  I also serve on grocery industry sustainability committees.  I dedicate myself and my practice to eliminating negative impacts on the environment, preserving resources and educating others how to do the same.  I am a LEED AP O+M, having earned my accreditation in March, 2011 and serve on the US Green Building Council North Florida’s Board of Directors.

I hail from upstate New York and received my BA in Linguistics from Binghamton University.  Upon graduation, I moved to Florida and later attended the University Of Miami School Of Law where I received my Juris Doctorate.  I am now enrolled in Green Mountain College’s Sustainable MBA program.  Post-MBA I intend to continue working in the food industry to help make our food production, distribution and disposal systems more sustainable.



Dan De Clercq  –  Rowayton, CT

Current Position: President: De Clercq Office Group

In his own words: My company is a distributor of sustainable office furniture. Fortunately, the office furniture space has embraced sustainability for over 2 decades. Therefore LEED, Greenguard, FSC and Green Seal (to name a few) are accepted rating agencies and part of the daily language in office furniture.

I selected Green Mountain College over other accredited ‘green’ MBA programs because of the deep concentration in sustainability courses throughout the program versus a few classes. Additionally, the residency was very appealing allowing me to meet the faculty and the other MBA candidates because, after all, we will be spending two years together. Moreover, the credentials and quality of the faculty coupled with their extensive professional work experience adds to the real time quality of this MBA degree.

Professionally, an MBA from Green Mountain College will add an additional credential to my interactions with professionals within my industry. The knowledge learned will not only help differentiate my team from competitors but will also impart a value-add to new clients and customers. Personally, I believe sustainability starts with us as grass roots stewards of our environment. We should lead, follow but never get out of the way of sustainability.


Roy Sirengo – Jackson Heights, NY

Current Position:
I currently lead Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) efforts at Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NPI) and bring my extensive environmental-regulatory experience, strategy and business process knowledge to this role.  In addition, I founded and currently serve on the board of ecoMUKTI, a start-up, social enterprise, centered around distributing micro carbon offsets.  From small villages in Africa and off-the-grid places in Asia, ecoMUKTI’s current initiative is focused on making everyday goods more accessible by lowering transportation costs.  I also serve on the board of Badenya, Inc. a non-profit, which operates the Dankawalie Secondary School (DSS) in a remote village in Sierra Leone, Africa.  As an institution, DSS addresses the rural-urban brain drain and promotes sustainability by preserving local knowledge, cultural and socio-economic networks.

In His Own Words:
I learned environmentalism and equilibrium from the mountains, clean rivers, and crisp blue skies, in the foothills of Ketti Valley in South India.  This connection has sustained me through sprawling cities like Bangalore, Dubai, New York, and Tampa.  I was meant to be at Green Mountain College and chose Green Mountain College just as GMC chose me.  I have met some of most imaginative and innovative people here, and I am excited to be part of this community, who will play their part in sustaining the planet.  


Green Mountain College alumni have gone on to do great things upon graduating from our distance Sustainable MBA program. Obtaining their Sustainable MBA degree was integral to many of them beginning work in a different position, at a different company or in a different career.


Amy Hall

Amy Hall ’10 – Ossining, N.Y.

Current Position: Director of Social Consciousness Eileen Fisher, Inc.

In her own words: I had been looking for a Sustainable MBA for a couple of years, because I felt it would enhance my role at Eileen Fisher. I was particularly interested in acquiring financial and analytical skills and learning how to apply them in a socially conscious enterprise. To my delight, the program offered that and so much more. I never imagined I would find a community of progressive, inspiring, like-minded people, who supported each other throughout the course work and beyond.



Ian Lanza ’10 – Boston, Mass

Current Position: Operations Service Manager, Life Science Division Triumvirate Environmental Inc.

In his own words: I was drawn to Green Mountain College’s MBA program because of the emphasis and integration of sustainability into traditional MBA courses and material. The course content in this particular program is very comprehensive, covering all of the traditional MBA subjects including organizational behavior, economics, systems management and financial accounting. In addition to the fundamental theory of each subject, the Green Mountain College program incorporates the triple bottom line philosophy into each course, weaving sustainability concepts throughout the entire curriculum. This approach fueled progressive and important discussions about leveraging business to solve market, environmental and social issues. The sustainability focus has given me a distinctive and long-term approach to business management that will undoubtedly make me a better leader.

The online format of the program was challenging, but allowed me the flexibility to continue my career while earning an MBA. The format resulted in a very fast –paced and intense learning environment that required participation and studying seven days a week. The dedication of the faculty and my peers allowed for this learning environment to be productive and effective. The MBA faculty members all struck a balance between being academics and practitioners of sustainable business. This resulted in a sound presentation of the material as well as relevant applications of the triple bottom line theory. The online format also allowed for a great mix students coming from a diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds from around the country. The balance of academics and practical applications, dedicated faculty and diverse mix of passionate students made the accelerated learning environment intense, but very effective.

I recommend the Green Mountain College MBA program for any student or professional that is willing to work hard, push their peers and faculty and is interested in joining the ranks of progressive and innovative business leaders dedicated to building sustainable businesses while improving society and the environment.



Robert Schueler ’10 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Current Position: Distributor / Sales Manager HHC West Region Ecolab

In his own words: In Green Mountain College’s MBA program, there are two areas of emphasis that really stand out to me.

First, is the educational and professional experience of the professors – credentials are one thing, but effectively transferring that knowledge into the classroom is another. I can’t emphasize enough how effectively each professor was able to accomplish this.

Second, were the personal experiences that I had with a number of professors and my fellow students. Working and pursuing a graduate degree at the same time is very difficult. The personal support and understanding I received from a number of professors gave me the strength to complete my degree, despite some personal challenges. More importantly, I made some wonderful friendships along the way.



Bryan Sheehan

Bryan Sheehan ’09 – Southborough, Mass.

Current Position: Founder and President SymbioSus Sustainability Consulting, Inc.

In his own words: The Green Mountain College Sustainable MBA program has been an extremely vital addition to my business sustainability skill set and was also very helpful in the launch of my sustainability consulting company. The full integration of sustainability concepts within the core MBA curriculum, the rigor of the program, the quality faculty that combines expert academic and theoretical knowledge with practical real-world experience within some of the country’s leading sustainability-focused businesses, and the quality and level of engagement of the students all made the program an extremely valuable addition to my sustainability knowledge base. The Green Mountain College MBA has also helped me to bring an even greater level of sustainability expertise and value to my business clients. The network of contacts with both the students and faculty is another great resource that has helped me in the startup and growth of my sustainability consulting company. As shown by its commitment, its high quality curriculum, faculty and students, and its innovation and awards, Green Mountain College is certainly leading the way when it comes to what the future of sustainability should be.



Pete Pearson ’09 – Boise, Idaho

Current Position: Director of Sustainability – SUPERVALU Inc.  (Food Retail)

In his own words: I enrolled in the Green Mountain College Sustainable MBA program to catalyze a change in my career.  With 10 years experience working as an IT professional, I knew I wanted to participate in a larger conversation; sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  My time working with professors and students at Green Mountain College was the perfect launch pad for changing my perspective on the responsibility of businesses in the 21st century.  Given the challenges we face, everyone has an obligation to change if we want a better future for our children and grandchildren.  Food and water sustainability may be two of the most critical issues we face.  As the Director of Sustainability for one of the largest grocery retailers in the country, I feel lucky to have a job where I get to promote sustainable practices across all facets of our business. I’m certain I would not be given the opportunities I have today without my experience at Green Mountain College.