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The online Sustainable MBA program at Green Mountain College is designed for working professionals who wish to earn their MBA in sustainability without having to sacrifice a great deal of time traveling away from family and work. Our program consists of 37 credit hours. Most of the courses are 3 credits and last six weeks. The courses are typically taken sequentially year round, with a one week break in-between each course. Most students take courses in the same order, though this is not a requirement. Our program is designed to be completed in 21 months.

We cap classes at 20 students, which allows for optimal interaction among students and the instructors. If more than 20 students register for the same course, the course is split into more than one section. Our typical class size is between 10 and 18 students.

Green Mountain College’s Sustainable MBA curriculum teaches the specific skills and knowledge associated with a rigorous graduate degree in business administration. In addition to those core business principles, sustainability concepts and the triple bottom line are woven throughout each course. Students study such topics as finance, accounting, marketing, organizational leadership, business law, and ethics, as well as improve their leadership skills and teamwork abilities.

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